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Increasing Your Instagram Following Without Buying Followers

There is not a tinge of doubt that Instagram is one of the most powerful forces in the social media industry, what with at least 200 million followers, and 1.6 billion likes and 60 million messages exchanged every single day. Still, thats not a reason to buy followers, which are really no more than dead weight. Authenticity is the name of the game, meaning real human followers who can interact with your page, and other humans. Besides, you dont want your account to go up in smoke after the networks next crackdown.

In short, you can grow your Instagram following without faking anything, and you can begin with these pointers:

1. Expose your dedicated hashtag.

You cant just wait for people to find your dedicated hashtag. You have to bring it to them. Get it out there – on your Instagram, print ads, shop signage, etc. If you have the means, mention it on radio and TV as well. Combine your online and offline campaigns by making sure it’s found on your website, other social profiles, and email blasts.

2. Create unforgettable hashtags.

In terms of Instagram captions, dont get stuck with single-word, obvious hashtags. You can choose to be cute or sexy or outrageous, but dont ever be boring.

3. Join in on very popular conversations.

When posting, use a basic hashtag (for example, #woodworking for a furniture shop) plus an extremely popular hashtag. Specific hashtags are no different from long-tail keywords in that they reflect more of what you really want to say intent and help you reach the right people. At the same time, universally trending hashtags, such as #pasta, #digital marketing, etc. will expose you to a larger public. You need both.

5. Ace your bio.

Your bio is what mainly holds your Instagram page together. Do you really want it to stay the same forever, linked to your website for eternity? Change it up at least once a week but make sure to retain the message, and link it to your hottest or most recent content.

5. Be descriptive with your captions.

Sometimes, a picture is enough to relay a message, but not necessarily when you talk about Instagram. Use storytelling alongside your photos to boost engagement and sharing. When people see a great picture, they may connect but not necessarily comment or like – unless you talk them first.

6. Develop a visual signature.

Everybody wants to want to fit in – thats our nature – but on Instagram, you need to stand out. Make your own unique style for all your visual content so that your pictures are automatically recognizable whenever people see them in their newsfeed. Thats how you become memorable on Instagram, and buying followers has nothing to do with it.

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