Introducing the Ferrari 599XX

The 599XX is one of the most marvellous concept cars rolled out in decades by Ferrari. Lot of extensive work has been carried out on the engine‚Äôs combustion chambers as well as inlet and exhaust tracts of Ferrari 599XX. This remarkable modification coupled with the internal improvement in the engine has increased the maximum revolutions… Continue reading Introducing the Ferrari 599XX

Toyota Prius hybrid car

Motor Trends Car of the Year for 2004, North American Car of the Year in 2004, 2004 International Engine of the Year, 2005 European Car of the Year, 2006 Energuide Award in the Midsize segment, this and more are the accolades given to the Toyota Prius Hybrid Car. Undoubtedly one of the most popular and… Continue reading Toyota Prius hybrid car

Dodge Challenger SRT8

After hard anticipation and waiting, the latest and brand new concept car Dodge Challenger SRT8 is here! Have you ever considered on taking a relaxing drive on your favorite car, which makes people stay for a moment to look at you or to take pictures along or just surrounded to know some more about your… Continue reading Dodge Challenger SRT8