Lamborghini Egoista wows the world

This 5.2-litre V10, 600 horsepower single-seat concept car — which aesthetically has more in common with a fighter jet than with a vehicle designed for travelling along the ground — was built to commemorate Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary. Built almost entirely from carbon fibre and aluminium, the Egoista has a sliding overhead canopy, rather than something… Continue reading Lamborghini Egoista wows the world

BMW GINA vision of the future

Not to be outdone, the BMW design department has once again come up with a creation which they claim a new approach towards automotive design. This new concept car is the BMW GINA Light Visionary Model which may be the most expensive car created by BMW. Geometry and Functions in “N” Adoptions or simply GINA… Continue reading BMW GINA vision of the future

AC Cobra Venom V8 concept car

The Cobra Venom V8 concept car has set a hustling buzz amidst the concept car buffs. Designed by Jamie Martin, the concept car is designed with unique formulation and they are the successor invention of the far-familiar AC Cobra of 1960s. Though being the successor design of AC Cobra, this Venom V8 concept car has… Continue reading AC Cobra Venom V8 concept car

Peugeot 4002 concept car

The Peugeot 4002 supercoupe concept car is without question the most fabulous concept ever rolled out in decades. The winner of Peugeot’s second design competition, the organically-shaped 4002 is both futuristic as well as replete with retro styling cues from past Peugot designs, such as the headlights behind the radiator grille that was seen in… Continue reading Peugeot 4002 concept car