Jaguar says may build more XKR-S GTs

Jaguar has acknowledged that it would be prepared to increase the strictly limited production run of its recently launched XKR-S GT if there is sufficient demand. The purely racing-focused Jaguar XKR-S GT might not be so rare after all. The strictly limited edition street-legal track car was officially launched at the New York Motor show… Continue reading Jaguar says may build more XKR-S GTs

Power Friction launches a new line of brake rotors

Power Friction LLC made an announcement about the extension of a brake rotors line. To meet the requirements of all car enthusiasts, the company performed three series. The general basis that determinates the technical portrait of Power Fiction is usage of high-carbon iron G3000. The essential rule for all series of the mark is excellent… Continue reading Power Friction launches a new line of brake rotors

New Indian-made electric car to hit the roads

Top Indian utility vehicle maker M&M yesterday launched the most advanced home-grown electric car yet seen, pricing it at US$11,000 (RM34,100) and saying it hopes to sell the hatchback abroad next year. The four-seater, two-door e2o — pronounced “ee-too-oh” — has zero emissions, an 80kmh top speed, is automatic and can run for 100 kilometres… Continue reading New Indian-made electric car to hit the roads

2007 Cadillac XLR-V

A touch of class and prestige is what this car brand name is known for and will always have. Ever since, the Cadillac has been known to hold a distinguishing aspect with regards to individual classification as far as status is concerned. Owning one places a person in a different level or class, something that… Continue reading 2007 Cadillac XLR-V

Introducing the Ferrari 599XX

The 599XX is one of the most marvellous concept cars rolled out in decades by Ferrari. Lot of extensive work has been carried out on the engine’s combustion chambers as well as inlet and exhaust tracts of Ferrari 599XX. This remarkable modification coupled with the internal improvement in the engine has increased the maximum revolutions… Continue reading Introducing the Ferrari 599XX