Concept cars: Showing off the future of modern vehicles

Concept Cars

Concept cars have always been brought out at auto shows by car makers to show the world what is new within the industry, specifically their brand. You can imagine in this day and age with all different types of technology being expanded upon when it comes to building vehicles that there are some pretty neat concept cars out there. Hybrid and electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, and designs are constantly changing from year to year.

Of course, the idea behind a concept car is not to directly go to production with the model for the masses. Instead, it is like playing poker. You show some of your hand and some new and innovative ideas. You then pull from this and the reaction, make necessary changes and then go with what will work for the next model of the vehicle. Sometimes concept cars are years ahead of what is actually produced for the public.

Cost compliance and safety regulations are two of the main concerns when implementing changes to concept cars and putting off the actual making of these vehicles directly. Car manufacturing is of course a huge business, and manufacturers are held accountable to produce a model that will effectively compete with the other manufacturers. It should be noted that some concept cars are made to where they are not even able to safely travel at a decent rate of speed. It is all about showcasing ideas and generating buzz.

Concept cars are usually showcased for a certain period of time and then they are eliminated. Some very special models, however, do end up in museums from time to time. Prior to 1970, concept cars were referred to as “dream cars,” so that should give you an idea of their futuristic appeal and not necessarily current efforts for implementation.

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