Power Friction launches a new line of brake rotors

Power Friction LLC made an announcement about the extension of a brake rotors line. To meet the
requirements of all car enthusiasts, the company performed three series. The general basis that determinates the technical portrait of Power Fiction is usage of high-carbon iron G3000. The essential rule for all series of the mark is excellent balance. According to Power Friction engineers’ opinion, it is the key detail that predefines the terms and efficiency of brake rotors operation activity. Plate brake rotors of Power Friction are predestinated for everyday exploitation as an alternative to stock rotors. Rotors correspond strictly to physical parameters of those which are produced by vehicle manufacturers. The two series of high performance class are predestinated for extreme drive devotees searching for brake system upgrade. Drilled and slotted rotors – DS series and slotted rotors – S series. Slotted series, due to the lack of perforation is more adapted to high temperature loads and is more popular among extreme drivers.

Power Fiction LLC also announces the launch of ceramic brake pads of Real Ceramic series line. Its distinctive feature is increased coefficient of friction, usage of innovative shims and the loyalty to brake rotors. Besides, according to the company researches, pads life has been increased for 50-60% in comparison with stock brakes. With the aim of protection from brake rotors falsification Power Fiction rotors are labeled in a special way. On the edge of each rotor there is a sign PWR FRN made by hot pressing method, which clearly indicates that you deal with the products of Power Friction. Also on the edge there is a number of the item according to the company catalogue.

Briefly about the company. Power Friction LLC is located in Wilmington, Delawer.

Company profile: brake rotors, brake pads, brake hoses, brake system components. Company technical department consists of high level specialists previously participating in creation and promotion such brands as Centric parts, Power Slot, etc.

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